• Torreira Beach

    Praia da Torreira, Av. António Augusto Valente de Almeida, 3870-394 Torreira, Portugal .

    The Torreira Beach was awarded the 2020 Blue Flag quality seal and the Golden Quality Seal awarded by the Portuguese Environmental Organization Quercus.

    A perfect place to relax and enjoy your vacation. You can enjoy the old traditional boats going out in the morning and coming back in the afternoon with the daily catch.

    Perfect for nautical sports.

    Since june 2020, the Torreira Beach has a lovely new access bridge, wonderful to take a stroll on, have a seat and enjoy the view!!

  • Avenida Praia Restaurant

    Largo da Varina 3870-404, Torreira, Portugal .

    Restaurante Avenida Praia Torreira, is a fine dining experience with the best fish dishes, as well as a variety of delicious meals to choose from in Torreira. This restaurant is our neighbour and is highly recommended. It is 30m away from our doorstep.

  • Onda Supermercado

    Largo da Varina 130a, Torreira, Portugal .

    This lovely little supermarket has the most wonderful and friendly owners,  with fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and anything you would need whilst on holiday, and its a quick 20 meters from See U Inn.

  • Aveiro Lagoon

    Torreira, Portugal .

    The Ria de Aveiro Lagoon is home to a diversity of habitats. 

  • Municipality Museum – COMUR

    Zona Industrial da Murtosa 3871-909 Murtosa .

    The Portuguese Cannery and the Identity of a Territory

    The Murtosa Municipality Museum was set up in the old facilities of the eel cannery COMUR. It takes the visitors on a journey to the past filled with memories that unite nnery Murtosa to the Ria of Aveiro, the Sea and the fish canning industry of Murtosa: the history of the cannery and the local community; the fish canning process and its phases. 

    For more information:


  • Cycle and walking trails / circuits

    Murtosa, Portugal .

    Murtosa: Bike-friendly region

    Discover the unique and splendid natural heritage of the Ria de Aveiro by cycling or walking the following 5 trails / circuits:

    1) Circuit of the Murtosa Canal – 11,6Km

    2) Circuit Fields of the Ria – 15,5Km

    3) Circuit Between the Sea and the Ria – Torreira – 9,3Km

    4) Natural and Cultural Circuit of Bunheiro – 11Km

    5) Urban Circuit – Pardelhas – Monte – 11,5Km


    Download Circuits (KMZ and GPX files) and Map:

  • Dunes of São Jacinto

    Reserva Natural das Dunas de São Jacinto, 3800 Aveiro, Portugal .

    Natural Reserve of the São Jacinto Dunes

    Protected area delimited by the Atlantic Ocean and one of the arms of the Ria de Aveiro that aims to protect the dunar ecosystem and the natural heritage. A paradise for flora and fauna lovers. 

    Visit the Interpretative Centre of the Natural Reserve and take on the challenge to walk the Nature Discovery Trail in the woods of the São Jacinto Dunes.  

    For more information:

    Instituto de Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas -


  • House Museum Custódio Prato

    Lugar de Passadouros, nº 20, 3870-028 Bunheiro .

    Ethnographic Museum:

    The House Museum of Custódio Prato takes visitors back to rural life in 19th and 20th Century Murtosa. The architecture of the House, the household objects and other objects related to agriculture, shoemaking, tailoring, carpentry, transport, work and festive dresses, religious objects, life stories of Custódio Prato and the People of Murtosa constitute an invaluable historical and cultural heritage.

    For more information:

    Câmara Municipal da Murtosa:



  • Ethnographic Museum of Murtosa

    Praceta Dr. Araújo e Castro, 3870-099 Murtosa .

    The Museum has three impressive ethnographic collections. The first collection is related to the agricultural activity in Murtosa. The second collection is linked to maritime activity with a special focus on the harvesting of seaweed in the Ria of Aveiro as natural fertilizer and the importance of the traditional Moliceiro or seaweed boat - the ex libris of the Ria of Aveiro. The third collection is dedicated to housing, household items, furniture and decorative objects.

    More information:

    Câmara Municipal da Murtosa

  • Cais do Bico / Bico Quay

    Cais do Bico, Rua Vasco da Gama, Murtosa, Portugal .

    The Bico Quay, bathed by the Ria of Aveiro, is an enchanting place, intimately linked to the fishing and agricultural identity of Murtosa. In times past, the Bico Quay served as a point to unload seaweed from the Ria, used as fertilizer for the agricultural lands. Vistors can admire the traditional boats, have a picnic in the small picnic area, enjoy the river beach and a memorable sunset from the viewpoint over the Ria. 

    The Bico Quay is the perfect site for birdwatching where you are likely to spot white egrets and other bird species. 


  • Cais da Béstida / Béstida Quay

    Cais da Béstida, Marginal Padre António, Bunheiro, Portugal .

    The Cais da Béstida is a quay of historic relevance as it was from this point that people and goods were transported to the Torreira on the other side of the Ria of Aveiro before the Ponte da Varela/Varela Bridge was built.

    The Cais da Béstida has fishing facilities, including a safe harbour for fishermen. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the small river beach and the delicious Murtosa cuisine at the traditional restaurant on site.

    The perfect spot for those in search of a sense of peace that only the beautiful and unique Ria of Aveiro can offer.